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Marieta Torres Andrada

After more than a decade as Fashion Chief for Vogue Spain, she launches Alumbra, a bag and accessories brand based on her bohemian talent and five essential keys:

Quality, beauty, freedom, consciousness & crafts.

Alumbrar: to light up, to give birth.

Alumbra is a luxury handmade bag and accessories brand born in 2018. Manufacture handcrafted, traditionally and free.

butaca y bolso
https://alumbrastore.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/IMG_0713.jpg https://alumbrastore.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/alumbra-bolso-1.jpg

The bags are designed in our Study at San Lorenzo de El Escorial, with art in every corner and surrounded by a unique natural environment. Alumbra uses natural leathers vegetable-tanned from Villarramiel, where they are conscious and following sustainable procedures since their beginning. They guarantee the sales of recycled leather from the food industry. they do not use any chemicals nor chromium during their tanned process, that way the leather keeps it’s natural qualities. During the manufacture process, traditional craftsmen of Ubrique are involved, historical centre point of leather craftwork and art since the north African Berbers.

Alumbra bags are also handled by traditional saddler-makers from San Lorenzo de El Escorial and Las Navas del Marqués, whom end the production doing all details and finishings by hand. We also use other leather types all of high quality, specially and carefully chosen one by one, as Nappas, Nubuck … All the interiors are always natural, either leather, silks or cotton and we use high quality Ykk zips.

Alumbra does not compete with the fast-track productions so present in all industries around the world.

Alumbra Madrid

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